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The V and O is Clinical Special Interest Group Service offering opportunities for continuing professional development*.

Its aim is supporting osteopaths wishing to utilise physiological principles in their work and applying osteopathic and manual medicine philosophy to patient care extending beyond the bounds of purely musculoskeletal health.

The V and O aims to support efforts to develop and frame the evidence for osteopathic practice in (predominently) 'non musculoskeletal' osteopathy - for example respiratory care, women's and men's health, digestive disorders, obstetrics, and aspects of paediatric care.

There are a variety of member benefits.

Abdomino-pelvic function and post operative care

Support of function and well being in infants and babies.

Ear, nose and throat care in children and adults

Care in obstetrics and post partum fields.

Respiratory function.

* The V and O is properly a community Interest Company - limited by guarantee with a large membership form of articles. The company details are listed in the about tab.